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Don't Want To Hire A Freelance Writer For Your Wikipedia Page? Try Our AI!

Are you looking to create or edit a Wikipedia page? You've came to the right place.

Our AI is based on ChatGPT-4, and has been trained on Wikipedia articles to make them factually correct. This helps you pass Wikipedia's stringent acceptance process, for the fraction of the cost of a Wikipedia writer.

We're happy to offer Wikipedia page creation services for:


Corporate business


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AI-Generated Wikipedia Article

Almost instantly get a high-quality, fact-checked Wikipedia article.




  • One long-form Wikipedia article
  • Adheres to Wikipedia's guidelines
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • You get a high-quality, fact-checked Wikipedia article for your or your company. The article is generated almost instantly using newest AI technology.
  • There are pros and cons of AI-generated writing to human writing. First of all: AI can make mistakes.

    It may not understand the full context of a long-form post and hallucinate. Writers can go back and forth with you for days to find the article that works great for you - while our AI can't.

    However, instead of taking 7 to 14 days (or more) to write your article, our AI can do it in seconds. Instead of needing $600 - $1,500+ (or more) for an article, our AI can do it for $69. This is 100x faster and almost 10x cheaper.

    Next to that, our AI has an "Acceptance Guarantee". If for whatever reason our AI provides an article to you that won't get accepted - you'll get a prompt refund.

  • Yes! We're happy to offer you an iron-clad "Acceptance guarantee".

    Meaning, if for whatever reason your article doesn't get accepted by Wikipedia, you can reach out to us with your:

    1. AI-generated article, and
    2. Rejection reason...

    ... and we refund you your payment promptly.

  • Sure thing! Please contact us by email: florian[at]wikipediaarticle.com